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An artful mash up of classic, old school inspirations, the timeless grit and integrity of true craftsmanship and just the right kick of attitude brings to life CarterGore’s collection of solid silver and 9ct gold jewellery. For pieces with personality that will stand the grind of time.

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Find the piece that talks your talk…

Bring on your survivor, kick ass attitude this autumn/winter with CarterGore killer jewellery. Did you know that if you subscribe to 'Addicted', our monthly kick-ass newsletter, VIPs receive a 15% lifetime discount off everything?

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Forged in England
Worn Worldwide

How we make ‘em:

At CarterGore, we’re committed to using age old techniques and skills passed down through generations and fusing them with the very latest in laser engraving technology. The result is intricate designs with mind blowing detail, crafted right here in England amongst our historical myriad of cultural influences.

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